Academic Research

I have participated in a number of major research projects within and beyond higher education. I use critical qualitative methods and theories informed by public health and social theory to help confront major issues experienced by the disability community and other underrepresented minority groups.

Below is a list of my publications, but you can check out public speaking engagements including conference presentations here.

Journal Articles

Crowley, P., Jette, S., Homer, T., Posbergh, A. & Cork, S.J. (2020). Image of Transition: Using Embodied Pedagogy to Facilitate Difficult Topics and Build Empathy. Thresholds in Education. Volume 43 (1). Fall 2020.

Cork, S.J., Jaeger, P., Jette, S. & Ebrahimoff, S. (2017). The Politics of (dis)Information: “Crippled America,”the Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the 2016 United States Presidential Campaign. IJIDI (online).

Obbard, K. & Cork, S.J. (2016). Skin Salvaged: Die Antwoord, Oscar Pistorius, and the Spectacle of the Flesh in the Rainbow Nation. Journal of Popular Culture: 49(2): 417-431.

Book Chapters

Greenberg, M.M., & Cork, S.J. (forthcoming). Chapter 9: (Dis)Ability and the Active Body in Sociocultural Issues in Physical Activity. Human Kinetics. Champaign, IL.

Olsen, S., Greenberg, M.M., Cork S.J. & Gavel, E. (forthcoming) Access & Crisis: Disrupting Ableist Definitions of Physical Activity & Culture. COVID Assemblages: Sport and Physical Culture in Global Pandemic Times. Eds. David L. Andrews, Holly Thorpe, & Josh Newman

Cork, S.J., Douthirt-Cohen, B., Hoffman, K., Jaeger, P.T. & Strausser, A. (2019). “Beyond Random Acts of Diversity: Ableism, Activism & Institutional Sites of Resistance”. Chapter 22. The Routledge Handbook of Disability Activism. Routledge, UK.

Andrews, D.L., Miller, R.M. & Cork, S.J. (2016). The Militarization of Sport Science in “Global Sport and Militarism,” Michael L. Butterworth, Ohio University.

Cork, S.J. (2011). “‘Soldier On:’ The Construction, Deconstruction and Reconstruction of the Cyborg Soldier/Tactical Athlete.” Pp. 306-316 in Shaping the Future, Military and Veterans Health Research. Stéphanie A.H. Bélanger and Alice Aiken (eds.), Canadian Defence Academy Press.

Degree Fulfillment

The Physical Culture of Diversity Work: A case study of inclusion and exclusion in American higher education (Dissertation)

From Prometheus to Pistorius: A Geneaology of Physical Ability (Master’s Thesis)

Agnotoloy: Smoke and Mirrors, a Case study of “Big Tobacco” and “Big Pharma” (Undergraduate Thesis)

Beyond Academia

Able Zine

2009 – 2012

“we encourage you to reflect upon your own perceptions and experiences of disability…” (Introduction: Alex, Ben, Justine and Steph)

(now Collective Reflections)

“You are Not Alone”

2016 – 2017

” I embarked on the journey of creating this magazine in order to help tackle the issue of mental health among college students by providing an outlet for students to express themselves. I wanted this magazine to raise awareness to mental health and mental illness and be a place for students to share their stories and remind other students that they are not alone in their struggles” (Editor’s Note – Muftiat Ongunsanya)


the TOTUS Spoken Word Experience is a course offered by Dr. Naliyah Kaya at the University of Maryland, College Park. She teaches students to find their voice through poetry, prose and performance. It is through this space that I reignited my love of writing poems.

If you cannot find the full-text in an accessible format send me an email at

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