Curriculum Vitae


PhD – University of Maryland, College Park (USA): School of Public Health (2019)

MA – Queen’s University, Kingston Ontario (CANADA): Sociology (2011)

BA (Honours) – Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario (CANADA):  Sociology (2009)

GED – Toronto, ON: The Bishop Strachan School (CANADA) (2005)


University Teaching and Learning ProgramLevel 3: Scholar (2019)

Women’s Studies Certificate (2019)

Critical Theory Certificate, Department of English (2016)


Manager, Student Accessibility Services, Student Life 2022

(Ontario Tech University, Oshawa, Ontario – CANADA)

Responsibilities include:

  • oversee Accessibility & Accommodations Specialist
  • manage processes, policies and procedures
  • support accommodations process and testing

Faculty Development Coordinator: Teaching and Learning Centre 2021

(Ontario Tech University, Oshawa, Ontario – CANADA)

Responsibilities include:

  • internal and external communications and marketing
  • coordinating and development of campus wide programming
  • educational tech support and assistive tech advising

Graduate Teaching Assistant: Department of Kinesiology 2013 – 2019

(School of Public Health, University of Maryland, College Park)

Responsibilities include:

  • lead weekly discussion sections (~25 students, 4 sections/semester)
  • guest lectures on research focus (ableism and public health)
  • curriculum design (embodied brainstorming, specifications grading)
  • grading of all course assignments

President: Graduate Student Government   2016 – 2017

(The Adele H. Stamp Student Union, University of Maryland, College Park)

Responsibilities include:

  • represent all graduate student on campus
  • chair monthly public meetings for departmental representatives
  • event planning, coordination and communication to campus

Research Assistant: Society for Graduate and Professional Students 2011 – 2012

(John Deutsch University Centre for Student Life, Queen’s University)

Project Title: (dis)Ability Researcher: Transition Reporting Supervisor(s): SGPS Equity Commissioner & SGPS Equity Coordinator

Graduate Teaching Assistant: Department of Sociology                            2009 – 2011

(Faculty of Arts & Science, Queen’s University)



Greenberg, M., & Cork, S.J. (forthcoming). Chapter 9: (Dis)Ability and the Active Body in Sociocultural Issues in Physical Activity. Human Kinetics. Champaign, IL.

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Cork, S.J., Jaeger, P., Jette, S. & Ebrahimoff, S. (2016). The Politics of (dis)Information: “Crippled America,”the Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the 2016 United States Presidential Campaign. IJIDI (online).

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Angel, L.M., Douthirt-Cohen, B., McClure, E., Strausser, A. & Cork, S.J. Allyship and Accomplices in the Academic Context: Staff, Student and Faculty Perspectives. Critical Education.

Reeve, D., Reichelt, I., Ferraro, T., Strausser, A. & Cork, S.J. Ableism/Disablism in Academia: A transnational perspective. (Current Issues – Disability & Society)

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Sutherland, R. & Cork S.J. eds., (2011). ABLE (volume 2). Social Issues Commission, Queen’s University. Kingston, ON: CANADA.

Jennings, R.B., Barath, J., Creighton, A., & Cork, S.J. eds., (2010). ABLE (volume 1): A Social Issues Commission Publication. Queen’s University Kingston, ON: CANADA



Heart Work: The Embodied Experiences of Diversity Workers in the United States University System. Diversity in Organizations, Communities and Nations (2020)

Need to Feed”: Surveying Lactation/Feeding Facilities at the University of Maryland, College Park. American Public Health Association (APHA) Meeting (2019)

“Body-storming” Using embodied pedagogy to build empathy & facilitate difficult topics Public Health Research Day (2019)

(Beyond) Random Acts of Diversity: Ableism, Activism Institutional Sites of Resistance. Lancaster Disability Studies Conference (CeDR2018)

Skin Salvaged: Die Antwoord, Oscar Pistorius, and the spectacle of the Flesh in the Rainbow Nation. “Under my Skin:” The Politics of Flesh, Graduate Colloquium  (2014)              

Queen’s Disability Awareness Month: A Case Study in Collaboration. The 4th Annual Guelph Accessibility Conference (2012)


Potential Futures in Kinesiology (2013) KNES 200: Introduction to Kinesiology

The Paralympic Movement (2014) KNES 289: Sport History in America

Discussing (Dis)Abilities (2014) KNES 400: Foundations of Public Health

Women, Sport and Disability (2015) KNES 487: Women Sports and Culture

Graduate Stipends (2017) Provost’s Dean’s Forum Meeting

Graduate Life & Wellness (2018) Urban and Regional Planning Departmental Seminar

The ins & Outs of Academic Publishing: A Graduate Student Panel (2017) Common

Quandaries (The University of Maryland Libraries)

Disabling Barriers: Making Public Health & Physical Activity Accessible for all (2018)

All About Conferencing (2018) Common Quandaries (The University of Maryland Libraries)

TerpTalks (2018)


Distinguished Service – President’s Commission on Disability Issues (2019)

Outstanding Service (Unit): UMD Disability Summit Committee – President’s Commission on Disability Issues (2019)

School of Public Health Laura Wilson Leadership Award, University of Maryland (2016)

University of Maryland Distinguished Graduate Service Award (finalist, 2016)

Order of Robert: Graduate Student Government, University of Maryland (2016)


“The Need to Feed” Improvement of Lactation Facilities – UMD Student Facilities Fund (2018)

Images of Transition: Using embodied pedagogy to advance learning and facilitate difficult topics – Fearless Teaching Research Seed Grant Application, Teaching and Learning Transformation Center (2018)

David H. Clarke Graduate Award for Travel Funding: Department of Kinesiology, University of Maryland (2018)

Rise Above Grant: UMD Disability Summit: Office of Diversity & Inclusion, University of Maryland (2015)

Maryland Moving Forward Grant: Office of Diversity & Inclusion, University of Maryland (2014)

TOTUS Small Projects Grant: Multicultural Involvement & Community Advocacy Office, University of Maryland (2014)

Goldhaber Travel Award: Graduate School, University of Maryland (2014)

UMD Graduate Fellowship: Graduate School, University of Maryland (2013 – 2017)

Conference Travel Award: Department of Sociology, Queen’s University (2010 & 2011)

Blakely Fund: Department of Sociology, Queen’s University (2010 & 2011)


at Queen’s University (Kingston, ON) CANADA

!nstigate Anti-Poverty Rant In – Volunteer (October 14th – 16th, 2010)

(Dis)Ability Awareness Month Planning Committee – Member (March 2011)

ABLE, A Queen’s Publication – Committee Member/Chair (November 2010 – 2012) 

Accessibility Queen’s (AQ) – Graduate Student Representative (March 2010) & Kingston Community Member (September 2011 – 2012)

Animals and Animality Graduate Student Conference – Volunteer (June 26th, 2010) 

Annual Sociology Graduate Symposium Organizing Committee – Council Member (Winter Semester) & Chair (September 2010 – April 2011) 

CIMVHR Conference volunteer – (November, 2013)

Departmental Committee (DSC) – Department of Sociology (September 2009 – May 2010)

English as Second Language Conversation Program – Conversation Partner (2009 – 2010) 

School of Graduate and Professional Studies (SGPS) – Council Member (2009 – 2011)

Steve Cutway Award Nominations Standing Committee – Member (March 2011)

at the University of Maryland (College Park, MD) USA

Mission of Mercy (MOM) @ UMD – Data Collection for the Center for Health Equity (2014)

Adapted Adventure Day (2014)

International Student and Scholar Services – Orientation Volunteer (2014)

Office of Diversity and Inclusion’s Rise Above Ableism Campaign (Fall 2014)

Able a new Publication @ UMD (2014, 2015)

You are Not Alone, Student Mentor (2016)

TOTUS Spoken Word Collective (2014 – 2016)

TerpAccess Disability Network: DAAT Training Coordinator (2014 – 2015)

Education Abroad – Disability Goes Global at UMD and Beyond: Enabling Access and Comparative Disability Studies (Summer 2016 – 2017)

Rise Above Symposium (2015 – 2016)


Physical Cultural Studies (PCS) Graduate Conference Planning Committee (2013 – 2019)

President’s Commission on Disability Issues (PCDI) (2014 – 2018)

Chair: VIDEO committee (2014)

Co-Chair: Disability Awareness Month Planning Committee (2014 – 2017)

Coordinator: Accessibility Hub Design Committee (2016)

Chair: Disability Studies Minor (2015 – 2018)

Founder & Chair: UMD Disability Summit (CURRENT)

Graduate Assistant Advisory Committee (2014 – 2016)

Dean’s Council of Student Leaders, School of Public Health (2015 – 2016)

Graduate Students in Public Health (2015)

Graduate Student Government (GSG)

Diversity Committee (2014 – 2016)

Graduate Council (2015 – 2018)

President (2016 – 2017)

President’s Student Advisory Council on Diversity and Inclusion (2015 – 2016)

Maryland Dialogues, Best Practices Subcommittee (2016 – 2017)

President’s Commission on Women’s Issues (PCWI) (CURRENT)


Endless Abilities Film Screening (October 2014)

Lecture by Ann Cody (October 2014)

Rise Above Ableism Photobooth (October 2014)

Faculty Panel on Disability Studies (March 2015)

Bathroom Justice (October 2015)

Disabilities and Reasonable Accommodations (November 2015)

You Are Not Alone, Publication Launch (November 2016)

Mental Health First Aid (November 2016)

Disability Education Abroad Forum (November 2016)

UMD Disability Summit (April 2016, April 2017, April 2019)

Workshop: Radical Access and Awkward Ableism (multiple dates: 2014 – present)

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