Stephanie J. Cork, PhD

I am an intrepid and outdoorsy Canadian with a penchant for coffee and an international, interdisciplinary background. My work compliments my experiences and expertise in qualitative research, public health, community-based advocacy and years of teaching.

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Work Experience

Check out the sections below to see more details on the three pillars of academic excellence, research, teaching and service.

I focus on critical qualitative methods, disability studies, sociology and public health, in addition to my dissertation on diversity work in higher education and ongoing “Heart Work” research.

Beyond teaching at universities the US and Canada, I also helped run a tutoring company focused on standardized test prep (GAO Plus Academic), and offer private academic coaching for senior secondary school and post-secondary students.

My community and volunteer work centers on disability advocacy, but I have also worked on parental support, international student issues and a variety of other projects.

I have a background in qualitative and mixed-methods research as well as community-based participatory research. Please see my Consulting Page for subject matter expertise, or contact me for more details.

About Me

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

As an emerging scholar-activist-community leader, I am deeply committed to engaging stakeholders at all levels in the fight for Diversity, Inclusion and Disability Justice. With a background in public health and critical qualitative sociology, my research focuses on the body through an interdisciplinary and intersectional lens. My work seeks to combat institutional, interpersonal, and internalized ableism. This is difficult (and unending) work, which requires the commitment of able-bodied allies and accomplices (such as myself) who support the work and leadership of marginalized or silenced groups, amplifying their voices for sustainable and equitable social change.


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